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Mad Dog Graphix charity work
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Close your eyes & imagine...

Imagine a small child with no home...
Imagine a small child with no food...
Imagine a small child abandoned & forgotten...

Now open your eyes. This isn't just imagination, it's reality. And it is a daily reality for thousands of abandoned & homeless kids in the Philippines.
We support the Tropical Breeze!
The Tropical Breeze is a small privately run charity with no political or religious affiliation and by offering shelter, food and education to these unfortunate young boys and girls in the Philippines we can change their reality!

Mad Dog Graphix supports The Tropical Breeze

Part of the proceeds of our graphic sales are donated to The Tropical Breeze organization. Visit TheTropicalBreeze.org

Facts and resources about the kids in the Philippines
Read more about Filipino children in serious danger

Visit the Tropical Breeze on facebook
Welcome to Mad Dog Graphix!