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Mad Dog Graphix / Web design services including Facebook pages
Mad Dog web design servicesWeb design options

Option 1 / Web design by Mad Dog Graphix
Like a glimmering lake on a summer day, your website is your reflection to the world. 3rd party provided blogs are good, and 3rd party provided blogs are bad; if you need an ongoing, constantly flowing, updating stream of information, blogs work fine, but for a truly professional, developed image, nothing can top a well designed website with your own unique domain name and your own unique email address.

Whether you need a website for your business or organization or just your own personal web presence, Mad Dog Graphix are able to develop a website to fit your needs. We can also create your own customized Facebook page on Facebook.

Starting at $500, your website is created and developed to your needs and the complete package of files can be published directly to your web hosting account.

Web design by Mad Dog Graphix
Option 2 / Do it yourself web design
You can easily create and maintain your own website with our free online web design templates & tools when you sign up on Mad Dog Web Hosting service. You can quickly and easily design and keep your website current and up-to-date, while keeping your costs low and avoiding the frustration of buying, installing, learning and maintaining another web design program.

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Option 3 / Our full service package
If you are not comfortable with the internet or web jargon, let us do the work for you. With this option, you can have your own website or Facebook page without any of the hassles of designing, creating or maintaining your website. We do all the work!

We can acquire your unique domain name (If available), design your website, upload the website to the internet and update and maintain your website for you as is required. Get all the benefits of being on the internet without any of the difficulties!

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Get your own unique domain name

How to get a website domain name?
To get started with your own website, check out our own Mad Dog Web Hosting service page, to search, order and secure your website domain name. Easy to use tools will assist you step-by-step through the process. Selecting and registering your internet domain name, and your presence on the internet, is only a few clicks away.
Don't be a statistic, be prepared!

If you hire someone to develop your website(s), be sure to always get a copy of the web files and complete login information (including the username, password and other required access information) from your web developer.

Make sure that the domain name is registered in your name or company!

We've seen too many individuals lose access to their website because a web developer has moved or gone out of business or you are required to pay unnecessary high fees to keep your web domain current.

Web domain renewals should be less than $10.00 a year!
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Need just web hosting?

For details of our web hosting services go to our Mad Dog Web Hosting service page

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Welcome to Mad Dog Graphix!